48 Hours later

Oh my fingers hurt SO BAD! I had no idea that threading the boning into a corset was so HARD! Well, it wouldn’t be, but I gauged the size of the channels wrong and they were…. snug. I used a pair of pliers to aid me in threading the boning in. Then I did a blanket stitch across the top seam. I am hoping I will find the motivation to crochet some kind of decorative lace across the top of it, but for now it still looks pretty cute. Here are photos of the progress!

Front View made with baby blue velvet

Rear View (inside) You can see the boning channels even though they are stitched in the “guts” of the corset.

So there you have it. It doesn’t look like much sitting on my dingy old ironing board, but once I get the grommets put in and get that baby laced up I will get another set of photos šŸ™‚


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I am Sheena, and welcome to my crazy blog! No matter which one you are reading, you are surely in for a ride! I have been living with Bi-polar Disorder for over half my life. Writing is the one thing I have found that helps me live with it, instead of battling it. I am also a Graphic Designer, and a photographer. I am pretty passionate about life, and the little things are what make me happy. Questions? Feel free to ask, I'm pretty much an open book. View all posts by kosherpickles

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