So sorry it’s been so long, but I am in fact working on projects! I promise!


About kosherpickles

I am Sheena, and welcome to my crazy blog! No matter which one you are reading, you are surely in for a ride! I have been living with Bi-polar Disorder for over half my life. Writing is the one thing I have found that helps me live with it, instead of battling it. I am also a Graphic Designer, and a photographer. I am pretty passionate about life, and the little things are what make me happy. Questions? Feel free to ask, I'm pretty much an open book. View all posts by kosherpickles

2 responses to “Sewing

  • Kallie Smirnov

    i am totally in awe of your work… in fact im jealous! 😉 since i can’t find anyone who makes a dress i want for sale, not having any sewing experience, i need to try to make my own. i love love looooved the black and white one you have pictured… what pattern did you use for it?

    • kosherpickles

      Oh that black and white one was an example of what I am shooting for with the project, not my own work. You can simply click the image to be rerouted to the source of the image. 🙂 Sorry for any confusion.

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