The start of something (hopefully) beautiful!

Well, aside from the cord to make the waist of the underskirt adjustable, I finished the underskirt last night. I knitted an I cord for the waist of the skirt, and it has a large slit down the back for maximum adjustability (and comfort). I sewed in the cording this morning (at like 6 AM!) and finished the hem at the bottom of the skirt. This is where the skirt sits right now.

You can see the cording I made for the waist, the slit is about 13 inches long from the top. The bustle will go over that portion. I’m making the cover for the bustle out of the same fabric, and hoping that because of that I can put it over the underskirt to help cover up the slit.

i’m really happy with the way that the front of the skirt lays. I know it’s not period, but I do believe I will be adding pockets to the underskirt…. We’ll see how the overskirt turns out, if it’s possible to add them without the overskirt getting in the way too much I will do it.

So there you have it. It’s not nearly done, I have pleated trimming to add to the underskirt near the hem, and I have to finish the bustle before I can do that. But it’s progress!


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