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Pattern Pieces – The Process Begins!

So here are the pieces I was talking about yesterday in a larger picture. I made a copy of them with Illustrator, and that makes them editable. I can make adjustments with the program as I need to… However I think I will Print them out and try to get the proportions figured out on some craft paper.
The issue is going to come in with joining the back to the sides and front. In the images you will see what I mean. The back is meant for a longer jacket, so I will have to either crop the back, or taper the joining seam to accommodate the longer back. Or both. I haven’t gotten that far yet, luckily I have an old sheet that I held on to for just this project, the muslin will really help me make the necessary adjustments. It’s going to be a trial and error process I think.




So sorry it’s been so long, but I am in fact working on projects! I promise!


I have had my Etsy shop open for almost a month, but totally slacked and didn’t add anything. There is stuff there now, including this new thing I made last night.

Its like a Mini Veil that you can clip in your hair or use as a fascinator on a hat or really whatever you want to do. 🙂 It turned out better than I had hoped, and didn’t take as long as I had expected. So there ya go, 2 nice surprises.
For today I will probably make a few more of these (or similar beauties anyway) and wear my jammies all day. That is the kind of day it is, and its really cold outside so far today. New pics will be posted on the Photography Blog later today.


This great blog I follow asked to feature my workspace! I was so excited and honored! Here is a link to the post!

Also, check out these super cute ideas! You will totally be missing out if you don’t.

Wrong Century?

I have always thought, and been told, that I was born a decade or two later than I should have been based on my sense of “fasion”…. but I think now that I am older that it must have been more like a century… give or take a decade or so.

So I started (yet another blog) about the things I make. Mostly sewing, since that has become my primary hobby. I will take lots of photos, as many in-progress ones as I can, and post the status of my projects here.

Welcome to my adventures 🙂